Monday, August 10, 2015

Shoe Repair in Sathorn.

 We are Bangkok based bespoke shoemakers. Our Customers have trusted us to repair some of the finest shoes in the world. We can also recondition and shine shoes. Find us at Chong Nonsi BTS Exit 3... The Mahanakhon Cube. 

Prices 2015
Heel Replacement: 500 Baht
Heel and Sole 1500 Baht
Shoe shine drop off: 250 Baht
Express shoe shine: 180 Baht

( Most Cobbler stations in shopping malls  request 3000-4000 baht to resole, Our resole service is more cost effective to you as its our hope that you will one day order from us!

Shoe shining at our store in Sathon
Size 15 USA. I think we are the only shoe store in Bangkok that makes such a size

                                                                       Our work bench
                               Our store is in the most premium of locations... The Mahanakon Cube
                                                                        Suede model
                                                                          Mr Frank.
                                                               Soon to be repaired Hugo Boss.

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