Monday, February 15, 2010

Shoe maker Bangkok

Our Shoes have received a bit of Publicity in the Bangkok Post.

here is the link Men's Shoe maker

The test is below

When it comes to wedding ceremonies, most men tend to leave their brides in charge of every little detail, but from personal experience, Allan Donnelly knows that for that perfect moment, it takes two to tango.

Relocating from his homeland Scotland to the city of Bangkok four years ago, 31-year-old Donnelly started his career in the shoemaking business, both wholesale and online for tailor-made orders under the brand, Don's Footwear, with all products made in Thailand. But what is most significant about his shoe brand is his niche market, specially targetted for bridegrooms and clients who secretly search for tailor-made shoes that can also help extend their height. Donnelly sat down with 'Outlook' to share his success behind other people's steps.

How did you find a passion for shoemaking?

I grew up in Scotland and one of my father's friends is one of the best shoemakers in town. During my spare time I enjoyed learning how shoemaking worked, but I was young back then and so I only took the experience as a hobby. Later, I continued my education and graduated with a degree in engineering. I moved to the Netherlands and worked there for awhile. Then one day, my colleague, who was extremely self-conscious about his height, was terrified about his upcoming wedding, knowing that his future wife was going to be wearing three-inch (7.5-cm) heels under her wedding dress, and that she would tower over him.

At that time, I learned there was a special shoemaking technique called "elevator shoes", which gives the wearer extra height. Using my engineering background, I decided to help him out by developing a height-increasing shoe that gave him an extra four inches (10cm) in height to wear on his wedding day. One inch more than his wife had gained in her heels. He said to me later that it was the best present he'd ever received that day.

So is Don's Footwear purely a height-increasing shoe company?

That's what we specialise in. The craftsmen who make Don's shoes can make anything - we're artisans in shoemaking, but elevator shoes is our core business. The design I created is truly posture improving. It's better for your knees, better for your back and, unlike some of our competitors where you feel like you're walking on stilts in a circus, ours feel like a natural extension of your body.

Where do you provide your service? Do you have a retail store?

Besides our wholesale business, we have many clients who are leading wedding studios throughout the city. For retail, we conduct our business online only. Now, we're No. 1 on the Google search engine worldwide for elevator shoes. And we've only been trading since September 9 last year. That's an achievement to be proud of for me.

Since you've crafted so many shoes for grooms out there, are there any styles in the Don's Footwear range that you consider to be an obvious choice for weddings?

At the moment we offer 25 styles, and I'm working really hard to double that number to 50. However, with the range we have on show I believe that a great aspect of what a particular customer would want would be to their own personal tastes.


  1. Thats great, Ive been looking for a mens shoe manufacturer for months now, I happy I found you. So your based in Thailand Right? Can you make small quantities? I'm looking to make small batches of handmade leather shoes. possibly sandals too.

  2. hello please how can i get you contact i want make a large order for shoe

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